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The Shop Skateshop Promo

Our buddy Nate Ilardi put together this really rad little promo video for The Shop Skateshop in Bradenton, FL. The Shop is Bradenton’s only Skateboarder-Owned and Operated Skateshop, and is located just blocks from Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark, Make sure to swing through and check them out when you are in the area…and as they say down at The Shop ‘Don’t let a carpenter be your dentist’.

Jake Ilardi | Vert Ramp Clips

Jake Ilardi is an all-terrain ripper from Sarasota, FL. Check out these vert ramp clips from the Back to School Bash yesterday at the Skatepark of Tampa.

Filmed and Edited by Nate Ilardi.

Nate Ilardi | New Videos

Nate Ilardi is a talented up-and-coming young filmer and photographer from the Sarasota area. You’ve probably seen Nate and his twin brother Jake at various events around Florida. Jake kills it on the board, and they are the two nicest kids you’ll ever meet. Check out a couple of Nate’s most recent edits here and make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel while you are at it.

Jake & Nate Ilardi

Jake & Nate Ilardi are twins from the Sarasota area and locals of P(A)YNE Skatepark. Jake & Nate are rippers, they have positive attitudes, and Nate is killing it on the photo/ video front these days. Check out a couple of recent edits that Nate has put together:

Filmed and Edited by Nate Ilardi

Jake and Nate Ilardi are now riding Ghetto Skateboards.

Nate Ilardi, Ollie.

Ghetto Skateboards would like to welcome the two newest additions to their team, Jake and Nate Ilardi. These dudes are rippers and they are two of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet. Well deserved you guys! P(a)yne Skatepark in Sarasota is Jake and Nate’s home park, so next time you are there check out their skating.
Jake Ilardi, Method Air.


Sunday @ P(a)yne Skatepark Photos.

Jake Ilardi, Method Air.

Rich Payne, Crailslide.

Rich Payne, Eggplant.

Rich Payne, Boardslide over the Love-Seat.

Rich Payne, Steep Frontside Carve.

Rich Payne, Rock-N-Roll.

Rich, Wallie out to flat.

Nate Ilardi, Ollie.

Jake Ilardi, Frontside Tuck-Knee

Here are the rest of the photos from yesterday’s session @ P(a)yne Skatepark in Sarasota. This park is so rad! Mike and Chris and the rest of the crew down there are really cool people and they are doing it right! Look for a lot of events, contests, etc from these guys on a regular basis. Thanks again you guys! We’ll be back soon.