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Thrasher Magazine | Brad Cromer Full Part/ Turns Pro

Thrasher Magazine dropped this surprise full-part from Krooked Skateboards’ newest Pro Brad Cromer today…it pretty much kills. Enjoy.

Idiosyncratic | Ben Eubank

Ben Eubank’s full part from Troy Vetri’s new full-length Idiosyncratic rips…support local skateboarding and pick up a copy of the DVD HERE.

Florida Daze 2 | Zion Wright

Zion Wright’s part from Mikey Glover’s recent full length video Florida Daze 2.

Soft Hoagie Rolls “Coming of Age” | Dan Harper & Curtains

Dan Harper ended Soft Hoagie Rolls new full-length Coming of Age with one hell of a part. Enjoy!

Florida Daze 2 | John Dilorenzo

John Dilorenzo’s ripping part from Florida Daze 2. Also Featuring: Zion Wright, Chris Boylan, Evan Hamel, Derick Glancy, Logan Henderson, Mike Magalhaes, Mikey Glover, and a friends montage. DVD available online at

Filmed & Edited by: Mikey Glover w/ additional filming by David Stoessel, and Jonathan Flechas

Commit or Quit | David Morefield

David Morefield not only edited Commit or Quit, but his part in the video is incredible. See for yourself…and pick up a copy of the dvd for only $10.

SLAP Presents | “Quality Over Quantity” – Jimmy Mastrocolo & James Coleman

SLAP Magazine Presents: Jimmy Mastrocolo & James Coleman in Quality Over Quantity. Quality Over Quantity is a new independent video out of Florida from Christopher James featuring: Zac Gracie, Travis Ehrlund, Johnathan Ettman, James Coleman, Jimmy Mastrocolo, Derek Mclean, and Troy Betances. Pick up a copy of the DVD for only $10 right here.

Criteria For Failure | Matt Fink

Matt Fink’s full part in Criteria For Failure is really good. Peep it.

Commit or Quit | Clive Dixon

As you probably guessed…Clive Dixon’s part from Commit or Quit rips!

In The Cut | Josh Miller

Josh Miller’s full part from In The Cut, an independent full-length out of Ft. Myers, FL from Marshall Nicholson & Daniel Frank.

Bert Wootton | Cosmic Vomit 2

Holy shit…Bert Wootton’s part in Cosmic Vomit 2 is sooooo good.

Criteria For Failure | Jamal Campbell

Jamal Campbell’s full part in Criteria For Failure is super good. Check it…and buy a dvd while you are at it.

Filmed and Edited by Matt Oistacher.

Commit or Quit | Mat Call

Demon Seed Skateboards team rider Mat Call’s part in Commit or Quit rips! Pick up a copy of the DVD for $10.

Connor Askew Street Part

Full-length street skating part from Connor Askew.

Filmed and Edited by Riley Payne

F.L.O | TJ Harris

TJ Harris’ part in Tommy Bohn’s new full-length F.L.O. Pick up a copy of the DVD for only $10 here.

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Freddie Tan Online Part

Kevin Perez put together an unbelievable edit of Orlando local Freddie Tan footage from 2010-2011. Really, really impressive skating here…wow…enjoy.

Filmed & Edited by Kevin Perez

Additional Filming by Frank Branca

Connor Askew Street Part Teaser 2

Teaser #2 from Riley Payne for Connor Askew’s upcoming full street part. Stay tuned…

Filmed and Edited by Riley Payne.

Joel Meinholz “Welcome to MIA” Part

Theories of Atlantis just released Joel Meinholz’s part from MIA Skateshop’s first ever full-length, Welcome to MIA. Welcome to MIAwas released in 2010 and easily is one of the best videos to ever come out of Florida…it is a must have for your permanent collection. Joel’s part is beastly…enjoy!

Filmed and Edited by Josh Stewart.

World Industries “2 Scoops” | Timmy Knuth Debut Pro Part

Florida ripper Timmy Knuth just recently joined the Pro ranks over at World Industries. Check out his Debut Pro Part in the new 2 Scoops Promo…he kills it.

Connor Askew Street Part Teaser

Riley Payne has a teaser for the Connor Askew Street Part that he will be dropping later this year…check it.

Filmed and Edited by Riley Payne.

Daylando | Blake Carpenter

Here is Blake Carpenter’s full part from Daylando, a new full-length from TJ Gaskill featuring some of Florida’s finest. Our copy of Daylando arrives tomorrow…look for a review of it later in the week. In the meantime, enjoy Blake’s part, it is ridiculous.

Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill

Daylando | Timmy Knuth

Timmy Knuth’s part from the upcoming full-length Daylando from TJ Gaskill. Look for the full video to be released in June, also featuring full parts from: Blake Carpenter, Dalton and Kanaan Dern, Garrett Miller, Kevin Shealy, Kevin Sikes, RL Durham, Thomas Burke, and Wyatt Woodward.

Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill.

“Shred Shed 2” – Derek McLean

Derek McLean’s part in Shred Shed 2 is really, really good….check it out. Shred Shed 2 dvd’s are available for $15 + shipping through Citified Skateboards, cop yourself one and support skateboarding in Florida.

Nick Zizzo’s “SPREADtheGOOD” Part

Here is five minutes of shredding from Nick Zizzo in SPREADtheGOOD. SPREADtheGOOD features ripping skating from dudes all over the state of Florida and is available for $15, get yourself a copy here. Produced, Filmed, and Edited by David Stoessel.