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To Do This Weekend

Once again, there is a bunch of stuff going on all over the state this weekend:

Friday, May 13th: Sanity Through Creativity at the Studio @ 620 in St. Petersburg.

Saturday, May 14th: 2nd Annual BBQ Bash benfiting Grind For Life, featuring the 32′ wide Goat Ramp, in Lake Worth, FL, Will Skate For Money Contest & Cookout at Mike Blakenship Skate Park in Tallahassee, FL presented by Funky Planet Sk850, Del The Funky Homosapien at P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota, FL.

Sunday, May 15th: Slacken Sundays BBQ at Flipside Skateshop in Coral Springs, FL.

Make sure you stay up to date with all of the killer events going on around the state, the “Florida Skateboarding Events” and “Music & Art” pages are constantly being updated!

Bones Demo at P(a)yne Skate Park is Tonight!

Tonight! P(a)yne Skate Park in SarasotaBe There! Shredding, BBQ, Product Toss, BYOB (Cans Only)! Gonna be rowdy!

Monday: Bones Demo @ P(a)yne Skate Park!

Next Monday, May 9th at P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota…Bones Demo! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

2 Del The Funky Homosapien Shows Next Week

Del The Funky Homosapien is coming through Florida next week and is doing a couple of shows right here in the Tampa Bay area!

First up is The Bricks on Thursday, May 12th.

Then, on Saturday, May 14th…P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota!


Last Friday, Sk8skool and Ringling College of Art & Design’s Project Management class combined forces to bring us the SRQ SK8 JAM. $5 got you an evening of live music, artist booths, food & drink, and skateboarding. 100% of the proceeds went to Sk8skool to help with operational costs at P(a)yne Skate Park and to the eventual elimination of user-fees at the skate park altogether. I had a prior obligation which, unfortunately, allowed me to only be at this event for a short time. As far as I could tell, there were at least 200 people there, probably more! I did manage to shoot a few photos. – Nicks.

Live Music, Graffiti, DJs...

Jake Ilardi, Backside Air.

Geza Darrah, Over the stairs in the STEEP shallow-end.

Pat Cory, Blunt Fingerflip Fakie with a little help from his friends.

Jake Ilardi, Blunt Kickflip Fakie.

Nate Ilardi, BS 50-50.

Frontside 5-0.

Tyler Hunger, Frontside Flip.

Manny Rangel P(a)yne Skate Park Clip

Peep this nice clip of Compound Boardshop team rider Manny Rangel killing it at P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota!

Skateboarding All Weekend!

There is a ton of stuff going on this weekend, starting with the SRQ SK8 JAM at P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota tonight! Check the “Florida Skateboarding Events” Page for upcoming events all over Florida!

St. Patty’s Day Contest at P(a)yne Skate Park

P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota is having a little St. Patty’s Day Contest on Thursday. Most Blunts and Best Trick on their Brand New Mini-Ramp with prizes from the shop going to the winners! The grill will be firing and the Red Bull Girls will also be there giving you wings or whatever…Get some!

Demon Seed Skateboards Demo @ P(a)yne Skate Park

 This past Saturday afternoon the Demon Seed Skateboards crew invaded P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota. The skating got started at about 1 pm and the shredding continued non-stop for about 3 hours, moving from one section of the park to another. The Demon Seed crew absolutely killed it. Several locals stepped into the mix and threw down also. Plenty of t-shirts, hats, hardware, and other prizes were given out throughout the day for various little “Best Trick” Contests and the P(a)yne Skate Park staff provided food and drinks. Everybody was shredding and having a great time, but I would have to say that Nick Murphy’s Backside 5-0 grind on the oververt pocket and Keith Baldassare’s Rock N’ Roll slide over the stairs in the pool were the highlights of the afternoon! Thanks again to Demon Seed Skateboards, DNA Energy Drinks, Robot-Guts Hardware, Guano Wheels, Chris and the rest of the staff at P(a)yne Skate Park, and everyone that came out to skate or hangout for making this happen!
Keith Baldassare, Frontside Ollie.
Keith Baldassare, Frontside Slasher.

Nick Murphy, Feeble Grind.

Nick Murphy, BS 5-0 in the Oververt Pocket!

Steve Workman, Crailslide.

Rich Payne, Rock N' Roll in the mini oververt pocket.

Keith Baldassare, Rock N' Roll Slide over the stairs! Trick of the day!



P(a)yne Skate Park President’s Day Contest & BBQ

Just announced, President’s Day Skateboarding Contest & BBQ at P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota. Starts at 2 pm.

Random Video: Tyler Dingman Noseblunt

Here’s a nice little clip of Tyler Dingman frontside noseblunting at P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota, to start your week off right…

Video courtesy of Chris Cantwell.

Demon Seed Brewery Welcomes Mat Call

Demon Seed Skateboards would like to welcome Mat Call to the Demon Seed Brewery with the official release of his “Last Call Brew Model”. Mat is a true all-terrain vehicle that will destroy anything in his path. Once again, as we have come to expect from Demon Seed, the graphics are really sick and the board, of course, is the same 7-ply Canadian maple and made 100% in the good ole’ USA. “Last Call Brew Models” are available now in shops and in Demon Seed’s Online Store. Take a look at this video clip of Mat from a best trick contest at The Ghetto Skate Facility last year, in which he took first place…

Congratulations to Mat, and don’t forget that next saturday Mat and the rest of the Demon Seed crew will be shredding P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota to pieces! You don’t want to miss it!