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Circus Bowl Bash 2015

Some of the Domain Apparel crew headed down to south Florida for the Circus Bowl send-off. Jake “Poptart” Welch, Pedro Delfino, Titus Massinello, Nick Murphy, Drew Fall ,Tyler Coffman and many more destroy the Circus Bowl during one of it’s final sessions. Film/ Edit: Gio Fournier

Nude Bowl | The Yard 2015

Pedro Delfino is currently in California with his homies destroying shit. Nude Bowl and The Yard get the treatment in this edit from Kaylanne Diaz. Also featuring: Jamie Foy, Felipe Gouveia, and James Neveils.

Florida Bowl Riders Cup 2015

Our buddy Gio Fournier put together a killer little edit of some of the shredding that took place a couple of weekends back at the 2015 Florida Bowl Riders Cup at the legendary Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, FL. Check the full results here.

Florida Bowlriders Cup 2015 | Full Results

Check the full results of the 2015 Florida Bowlriders Cup and a few photos courtesy of Team Pain Skateparks.

Photo © Chris Capo


Lake Skateboards at Circus Bowl

Lake Skateboards riders Pedro Delfino and Titus Massinello shredding the Circus Bowl. Film/ Edit: Tyler Bamdas.

Pedro Delfino in “Collage”

Pedro Delfino’s part from Dylan Hughes’ full-length Collage absolutely rips…

“Collage” Video Premiere – 3 Clips w/ Pedro Delfino

Dylan Hughes’ new video Collage is premiering Friday, November 21st at Circus Bowl in Pompano Beach, FL.. Here are a few clips from Pedro Delfino to get you hyped…

Pedro’s Rants | Numero Dos


I have been skating for quite some time now and most don’t know that I have a sister who also skates. Fabiana picked up skating maybe a year after I did and in no way did I help her. That didn’t stop her from progressing as fast as she did; and to make it more challenging, she never had a skate crew like most do. It was tough for her to gain acceptance at the local skate park because nobody really paid much attention because she was a girl and nobody took her serious. Then again, it was just another challenge.

Overcoming the gender difference of what it took to be skateboarder made her excel and rise above her peers and it really enhanced her style along with her bag of tricks. As soon as she began winning contest, she began catching the eyes of the local shop Island Water Sports. Not only did they acknowledge her potential she would have on the skate team, but the influence she would have on the other girls who wanted to be a skateboarder. It was really important for her to gain the respect she has now from the skate community here and now that skating is building a bigger appeal to other women, I hope that they can look up at my sister as an inspiration to seek out a passion in any sport dominated by men . Because no matter how the world may view women in sports, as long as there is a love for it, it is worth pursuing. – Pedro Delfino.

Introducing ‘Pedro’s Rants’


I have met some really rad, genuine people through skateboarding. Pedro Delfino is definitely one of those people. If you know Pedro, then you know that he puts his heart & soul into everything he does…for starters his skateboarding is a reflection of that passion and drive. Pedro is also very passionate about writing and conveys his view of the world through that writing just as he does his skateboarding, which is that of a cultured, seasoned vet. I am really stoked that Pedro thought of No Comply as a proper outlet for sharing his thoughts with the world. That being said, I am proud to introduce “Pedro’s Rants”. – Nicks

“Skateboarding as a group is both physically artistic and emotionally expressive. It is not just an intricate sport, but a lifestyle. It is ultimately daunting that we stick together in a way that we keep this feeling of togetherness and grow as one body because once there is a divide it will just be one giant mess. There are too many times I hear stories of people who used to skate. When asked why they stopped, many of the responses consisted that they could not do a kick flip. Why did the concern of being good at tricks become so prevalent in skateboarding? Was it the fantasy of becoming the next whoever the fuck will be in street league? There is something greater here in the skateboard community that I find brilliant and so unique that it’s sheer beauty is overlooked in it’s entirety. Here, Anyone can relate to one another without fear of persecution like found in institutions like school. Neither is any underdog safe in little league baseball, as they can be discouraged by team mates. With skateboarding, one doesn’t have to be good to make friends and have something in common. Whether you’re the shit poor prodigy at the age of ten, or the suburban Nike head who is neglected affection from their parents, we all seek one thing, a sense of belonging. We all start somewhere, though with different motives, the final prize is something more valuable than what it is to be a professional skateboarder and that is the amazing friends, the amazing journey and the opportunity to express rebellious angst toward the world.” – Pedro Delfino

Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark w/ Pedro Delfino and Crew

Pedro Delfino and crew came up from Miami on Saturday for the Spring Roll All Ages Contest at SPoT. On Sunday morning, I caught up with them at Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark as they were en route back to Miami for a quick session and some photos. – Nicks.

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag

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7th Annual Florida Bowlriders Cup | Gallery & Finals Edit


7th Annual Florida Bowlriders Cup Finals Edit & Photo Gallery. Check out the killer edit of Sunday’s Finals Presented by Autoline Preowned. Then, make sure to click on over to the next page to scroll through the massive gallery of photos.

Check the Photo Gallery here.

7th Annual Florida Bowlriders Cup | Full Results & Gallery #1

The 7th Annual Florida Bowlriders Cup is in the books. Everything was absolutely amazing…the skateboarding, the weather, the people, the food, the camping, etc. Thank you to Marty Ramos and everyone at Kona Skatepark for an epic weekend. Below is a list of the overall winners of the weekend and a gallery of photos. Check back tomorrow for a full gallery of photos. Check out the full results here.

Overall Winners:
Masters: Jimmy” The Greek” Marcus
Pros: Dalton Dern
Women: Julz Lynn
Open Am: Kaden Cambell
Boys: Jacob Wooten

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag

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Pedro Delfino | Bradenton Line

Pedro Delfino made the trip up from south Florida and settled in pretty comfortably in the bowl at Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark.

Pedro Delfino | Throwaway Clips

South Florida shredder Pedro Delfino has some raw “throwaway” clips for your viewing pleasure.

Filmed and Edited by Fabiana Delfino