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Demon Seed “Pool Service” Deck Special

FREE Shipping & Grip on all Demon Seed “Pool Service” Decks from now until November 13th!

Product Review: Demon Seed Skateboards’ “Pool Service” Boards



Demon Seed Skateboards just launched their new line of “Pool Service” boards. The graphics and the quality are, as usual, second to none. The “Blue Demon”, “Redneck”, and “Voodoo” boards come in at 8.58″ x 32.5″, 8.78″ x 32.5″, and 8.78″ x 32.75″, respectively. With these sizes and just the right amount of a squared-off nose and tail these boards are built for some serious pool shredding.  My “Voodoo” sets sail on its maiden voyage Monday in Dunedin!

Demon Seed Skateboards V.2

Demon Seed Skateboards‘ brand new website just went live and it is even more metal than before. There are tons of new photos and videos for your enjoyment! Make sure you check out the new “Pool Service” decks in the “Products” section…they are sick!