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SK8FACE Deck of the Day – Lance Conklin

Today’s Deck of the Day over at SK8FACE is Lance Conklin’s Powell-Peralta Famous Last Supper slick-bottom deck circa 1993.

Frankie Hill Documentary – Part 1

Take a look at Part1 of the Frankie Hill Documentary that Nate Sherwood is putting together. In this part, Pat Duffy explains how Frankie Hill’s skating pushed him to go bigger and gnarlier. The infamous Mute Grab over the Santa Barbara Dirt Gap in Powell-Peralta’s Propaganda in 1990 is still one of the gnarliest gaps ever!

Industry News – Mike V rejoins Powell Peralta

It has only been about 6 months since Mike Vallely quit Element Skateboards to start his own company, By The Sword Skateboards. Well, By The Sword has already called it quits and Mike has once again joined forces with Powell Peralta. No matter what  your opinion on this is, the fact is Mike has always been true to himself and at 40 years old he is skating as hard as ever! Also, it looks like they are blowing-out By The Sword decks over at Regulator Distribution for $27! Get one while you still can!

Bones Brigade Documentary…Just Announced!

Bones Brigade Documentary in the works!