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Wub Wheels Product Review & Giveaway

Wub Wheel Co. and their growing team have been putting in a lot of work lately. Wub Wheel Co. was established in 2012 and they are 100% skater-owned and operated. Their wheels are 100% manufactured in the USA, are formulated to resist flatspots and coning, and they stay whiter longer than other manufacturers. These dudes are in it purely for providing skateboarders with quality, reliable products, and of course…for the love of skateboarding.

Wub Wheel Co. sent over a set of 53mm, 101a, Slim Fasts, which is the newest addition to the Wub Wheel family. Yes, they are slims…and the name is brilliant! We are going to be giving this set of Slim Fasts away. Head on over to the No Comply Skateboard Mag Facebook page to find out how to enter to win. – Nicks

Check out the Florida team rider Scott Garrison’s “Welcome Video”:

SquareOne Skateboards | Product Review x Giveaway

Square One Skateboards & Steezy Accessories is a new company out of the Tampa Bay area. They’ve got you covered with decks, t-shirts, hats, beanies, retro shades, and Steezy griptape. The decks are 7-Ply 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple and the Steezy grip is easy to put on and is also air bubble resistant. Quality goods with a fresh approach. My personal favorite is the NES Controller deck…brings back some memories. Anyway, be on the lookout for these dudes, they have been sponsoring a lot of events and making the rounds. Not to mention, they have been growing a pretty ripping team of riders. Make sure to check them out @

In the meantime, let’s do a little giveaway. I’ve got a 7.75″ “NES Controller” deck, an 8″ “Mics & Ice” deck, 2 sheets of “Steezy” grip, a Large “Square One” Logo T-Shirt, and several pairs of Steezy Retro Shades to give to someone. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Visit

2. “Like” the page (If you haven’t already)

3. Leave a comment on the page about why you should win all of this stuff.

One winner will be chosen 2 weeks from today on August 15th.

Good Luck.


Brand New | Percent Apparel

Brand New is the “Product Review” feature on the mag, where we will showcase new brands, old brands’ new products, etc. Today we bring you Percent Apparel. Percent Apparel is an up-and-coming apparel company based on simple, straight-forward philosophies. The homie Nick Murphy rides for Percent Apparel, and if Nick supports it, I know it’s legit. My personal favorite is the “Porktasium”…who wouldn’t love to peel back a banana and find bacon!?!? – Nicks.

Where is Percent Apparel based out of?
Percent Apparel started in NYC, then we spent some time in New England where we gained notoriety for skate and music events in Boston and Providence. Percent Apparel headquarters recently relocated back to NY, but we still host events in those cities and have plans to continue to expand.
How did you come up with the name?
We wanted to create something that was inspired by the percentage of individuals that were not influenced by the mainstream media and hype, but rather do things for themselves based on passion and love.
What is the inspiration for your designs?
Extreme sports, music, creativity and positivity.
What does the future hold for Percent Apparel?
Only time will tell, but we’re always looking to get into new endeavors. We’ve recently revamped our skateboarding and BMX teams and are pumped to be endorsing a bunch of new musical acts such as Gemstar, Hard Target, 51 Shortfalls and Red Theory to name a few. We have some awesome new designs in the pipeline and are planning a big NYC launch party during the summer to celebrate the new line and new website. The best way to  find out about news and upcoming events is to “like” Percent Apparel on Facebook ( or visit

Product Review: Beta Skateboards

Now available at Orlando Skatepark is a brand new company called Beta. So far there are 2 graphics (see photo) that both come in sizes 7.75″, 8″ and 8.25″. The 7.75″ and 8″ versions both have a 14″ wheel base while the 8.25″ has a 14.5″ wheel base. The 8″ has a nice wide nose with a tapered tail and the 8.25 has a nice round shape. I had a chance to check out the 8″ and I gotta say for an affordable deck this thing has pop. There are more graphics, as well as a team and soft goods soon to come. You can purchase these decks at OSP for $39.99 and they come with free grip. – J.S.

Product Review: Demon Seed Skateboards’ “Pool Service” Boards



Demon Seed Skateboards just launched their new line of “Pool Service” boards. The graphics and the quality are, as usual, second to none. The “Blue Demon”, “Redneck”, and “Voodoo” boards come in at 8.58″ x 32.5″, 8.78″ x 32.5″, and 8.78″ x 32.75″, respectively. With these sizes and just the right amount of a squared-off nose and tail these boards are built for some serious pool shredding.  My “Voodoo” sets sail on its maiden voyage Monday in Dunedin!

Product Review: Ghetto Skateboards

Ghetto Skateboards hooked us up with their brand new “Deadwood” graphic deck, 4 different t-shirts, a pair of their Ghetto jeans, and a bunch of stickers. The “Deadwood” graphic decks are brand new and feature original artwork by a Ghetto Skate Facility local. Ghetto’s decks are 7-ply maple and are 100% made in the USA, which translates into the highest quality skateboard decks. The graphics are also very crisp and clear, no fuzzy crap here. The t-shirts all feature simple, unique, and refreshing designs…my personal favorite being the “Afro-Skull” graphic. Oh, and did I mention that Ghetto screenprints all of their own shirts? Yeah, they do. The jeans are also really top-notch. They are made with a little bit of spandex material, which creates just enough flex that you don’t have to worry about your jeans getting all bunched-up while you are skating. If you are a skateboarder, you know what I’m talking about and it’s annoying to constantly be re-adjusting your jeans. So get a pair of these jeans and don’t worry about it ever again! The people over at Ghetto Skateboards are all really cool and down-to-earth, just like their skatepark, the Ghetto Skate Facility. If you live in the Tampa Bay area and you have not skated the Ghetto Skate Facility, you are really missing out! Check out Ghetto Skateboards and the Ghetto Skate Facility for more.