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Brand New | Loser Wheels

Loser Wheels is a Brand New wheel company out of Lakeland, Florida. If you aren’t from Florida, you probably have never heard of Lakeland. But, it seems as though there is something in the water in Lakeland, because the Lakeland crew is, and always has been passionate about skateboarding. Lakeland is the hometown of a dude named Andrew Reynolds…maybe you’ve heard of him?

Anyway, these wheels are the real deal. Not too wide, not too thin, simple yet refined, grippy when they need to be and forgiving when that is necessary. A durometer of 99a seems to be perfect for a versatile wheel. Loser Wheels also has you covered on size as well.  The “Worm Burners” (pictured above) are available in 51, 52, 53, 54, 56 and 58mm. So, whether you skate the crusty streets of Florida or Vert Ramps and Big Bowls, Loser Wheels has got your back.

I caught up with Justin Spangler the Owner of Loser Wheels recently to ask him a few questions about his new venture.

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Alchemy Grip: Fall 2011 Catalog

Alchemy Grip’s Fall 2011 offerings are now up, and it’s pretty clear that they are at the forefront of innovation in the skateboarding industry. It is so refreshing to see creative products, or a skateboarder’s unique style, or the invention of a new trick or combination of tricks. The progression and evolution of our beloved art form depends on these forward thinkers. Alchemy is definitely moving forward…don’t get left behind.