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Demon Seed Skateboards Team Edit

Demon Seed Skateboards team edit featuring: Rich Payne, Steve Workman, Bob Umble, Juan Pineiro, Steven Pineiro, Mat Call, Keith Baldassare, Jake Welch, Christian Frazier, Isaac Crawford, Ashton Dohany, and Brandon Yarborough.

Midtown Skatepark | Clip of the Week #9 – Tre Greenlee

Midtown Skatepark’s Clip of the Week #9 features local ripper Tre Greenlee.

Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez

Josiah Gatlyn: Lost Files of 2010

Josiah Gatlyn just released almost 4 minutes of makes, misses, and otherwise extra random footage from 2010.

Filmed and Edited by Josh Cronje.