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The most recent installment of SLAP Magazine’s infamous GX1000 series finds the crew in the streets of Miami. GX1000 FOR MIA features: Al Davis, Richie Zuczek, Danny Renaud, Yonnie Cruz, Jose Velez, Chris Blake, Jimmy Lannon, Christian Lizendo, Ben Gore, Jake Johnson and Danny Fuenzalida.

RIDE Channel | More 2012 Tampa Am Raw Footage

RIDE Channel has several more raw 2012 Tampa Am footage edits for you.

RIDE Channel | 2012 Tampa Am Raw Footage

The RIDE Channel has a grip of 2012 Tampa Am raw footage edits for your enjoyment, including Alec Majerus’ winning run.

Raw Timmy Knuth Clips

Terry LaRue has a sick little edit of some raw Timmy Knuth clips for your viewing pleasure.

Filmed and Edited by Terry LaRue

MYAMI | Classic Raw Footage

Myami is full of classic raw footage out of Miami, Florida between 1999-2000. Featuring, in order of appearance: Matt Cantor, Joel Meinholz, Andre Lazama, Arto Saari, Paul Diaz, Paul DeOliveira, Jamey Azelvander, Janca Arias, Oscar, Ian O’Connor, and Lindsey Robertson with Jon Allie, Jamie Thomas, and Adrian Lopez.

Filmed by Matt Chambers.

Pedro Delfino | Throwaway Clips

South Florida shredder Pedro Delfino has some raw “throwaway” clips for your viewing pleasure.

Filmed and Edited by Fabiana Delfino

Josiah Gatlyn: Lost Files of 2010

Josiah Gatlyn just released almost 4 minutes of makes, misses, and otherwise extra random footage from 2010.

Filmed and Edited by Josh Cronje.