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“Are We Done Yet?” Promo

Are We Done Yet? is a full-length video by Liam Jordan featuring some raw street talent out of the Sarasota/ Englewood/ North Port areas of Florida. Ryan Beckford, Ryan Skorker, and Christian Lazarski are blowing up the scene down there. Look for full parts from all three of these dudes in the final video…in the meantime, check out the promo  posted below. Keep an eye out for a premiere sometime in the beginning of 2012 at Compound Boardshop in Sarasota.

Ryan Beckford Teaser

Local ripper Ryan Beckford has been putting in some work on a new video part. Check out the banger in this little teaser, and keep an eye out for his full part coming soon. Filmed and Edited by DutchyProductionZ.

Ryan Beckford Clips

Ryan Beckford sent over this nice little “Sponsor Me” clip. Ryan is a local down in North Port, Florida and judging from the footage, he seems to have some real natural talent on a stuntwood. Somebody out there hook this kid up. Filmed/ Edited by Liam Lazerflip.