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SPoT Spring Roll 2012

Check the footage of the 2012 SPoT Spring Roll All-Ages Contest Presented by DVS & Matix. This edit also includes footage from several other spots around the Tampa Bay area including the brand new Apollo Beach Skatepark and of course, the legendary Bro Bowl. Daewon’s trick in the Bro Bowl will blow your mind…



Powerlines outside the Skatepark of Tampa…they’ve been doing it for a long time.

BA. KU. – “Stay Gold” Hidden Part

The Barrier Kult had a hidden part on the Emerica “Stay Gold” DVD, if you were unable to locate it…no worries…here it is:

You can also head over to the Emerica site to watch it and while you are there take a look at the BA. KU. Interview.

Mike Vallely and Airwalk Reunite

I thought that this “Industry News” was especially appropriate today since it is “Time Capsule Thursday”. Mike Vallely is once again wearing Airwalk shoes…check the official press release here. Not quite sure what to think about this. Anyway, apparently it also happens to be Airwalk’s 25th Anniversary and in celebration of that milestone they are going to be doing some limited edition re-releases of classic Airwalk shoes, including the Enigma model shown below.


$75 seems a bit pricey, but maybe there are some hardcore collectors that are chomping at the bit to get a pair of these.

In4mation x Vans OTW

Check out these In4mation x Vans OTW Collection limited edition shoes that I just won! I knew Twitter wasn’t a waste of time! Seriously, thanks a lot to @In4mants, I can’t wait…the shoes look sick! Check them out at