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Joel Meinholz Interview

I have been stoked on Joel’s skating for a long time. So, when there were, what seemed to be long periods of time that new footage of Joel was hard to come by, it left me wondering when I would get to see more. Then, in 2010 when Welcome to MIA, the MIA Skateshop video came out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Joel was skating just as hard and raw as ever. Since that time, Joel seems to be everywhere. Between new footage, new sponsors, and promoting events through IamYourVillain & Bum Rush The Spot, he seems to be unstoppable. – Nicks

Read the interview here

Nick Zizzo on Stacks

Fort Myers, Florida’s own Nick Zizzo is officially on Stacks, check out the proper “Welcome” video. Nick has been a busy dude lately, in addition to his Stacks intro, he has a very entertaining interview over on the Skateboarder Magazine site, clips in the teaser for the upcoming Super Brand video (See Below), and he is also working on a part for the Florida homies Cruizees.

Lifeblood Skateboards Welcomes Dalton Dern

Orlando ripper Dalton Dern is the newest addition to the Lifeblood Skateboards team. Dalton shreds everything!

5boro “Flow Trash Fridays” with Chris Blake

5boro Skateboards’ newest Flow Trash Fridays features Orlando local Chris Blake shredding the streets of Florida and NYC.

More Backflips

So, a few weeks ago this dude blew up the internet with a backflip to 50-50 and a backflip manual.  Well, I guess, just as the natural progression of doing a backflip in an “extreme sport” dictates, the only thing Roberto Jimenez could do to take it to the next level was…to go around twice! Unfortunately, this one earned this Gator Board Shop local the elusive “Hall of Meat” award over at Thrasher Magazine. Slam or land right?

Jordan Armenta Montage

Jay Meyer sent over this sick montage of Orlando Skate Park and Vendetta Griptape rider Jordan Armenta gettin’ to work on some Florida spots. How does this dude not have a board sponsor? Filmed and Edited by Jay Meyer

Traffic Report: Pat Steiner

Traffic Skateboards lastest Traffic Report features Lakeland, FL local Pat Steiner shredding some Florida spots. Edited by Frank Branca.

Nick Zizzo’s “SPREADtheGOOD” Part

Here is five minutes of shredding from Nick Zizzo in SPREADtheGOOD. SPREADtheGOOD features ripping skating from dudes all over the state of Florida and is available for $15, get yourself a copy here. Produced, Filmed, and Edited by David Stoessel.

Joey Ragali “Slay Sundays”

Shred Shed team rider Joey Ragali came through with this week’s Slay Sundays over at Manny Slays All. Be on the lookout for a full-length re-edited part from Joey soon.

Time Capsule Thursdays: Elissa Steamer

This week’s Time Capsule Thursdays features another gem of a part from FM2. Elissa Steamer needs no introduction…check it out.

Filmed and Edited by Rob Hoovis.

Devin Abreu’s Got The Blooze

Blooze Skateboards would like to introduce you to Devin Abreu. Devin is a central Florida ripper and is the newest addition to Blooze Skateboards team.

Maloof Money Cup Checks In With Mike Peterson

The Maloof Money Cup folks checked in recently with Florida O.G. Mike Peterson and his backyard pool. Mike Peterson, Kyle Berard, George Evans, Mike “Darkness” Barnes, Joe Marrara, and Cullen Traverso all get in on the action.

Solo (‘4’ Claire): Teasers, Throwaways, Etc.

Here’s a sick new montage from David Stoessel, the independent skateboarding filmmaker from Florida that released the full-length SPREADtheGOOD just a few months ago. SPREADtheGOOD was a killer and judging from this montage, Stoessel has wasted no time getting started on his next project. Check it out, Solo (‘4’ Claire) features Dylan Perry, Garret Miller, Matt Ramsey, Nick Zizzo, Aaron Collier, and a bunch of other Florida shredders.

Time Capsule Thursdays: Matt Milligan

This week’s Time Capsule Thursdays features Matt Milligan and his part from FM2. Matt had such a smooth & effortless style, and was part of that Ft. Myers crew that was blowing up the scene 10 years ago. Check it out, this is a ripping part.

Filmed and Edited by Rob Hoovis.

Poptart Bowl Shreddin’

Here’s a killer little montage of Demon Seed Skateboards rider Jake “Poptart” Welch shredding a private backyard bowl recently. Filmed and Edited by Shea Atkinson.

Flatspot Boardshop Welcomes Jerry Cadet

Flatspot Boardshop in Coral Springs would like to welcome Jerry Cadet as the newest member of their team. Filmed and Edited by Jack Turner.

R.I.P. Will Durham

I never had the pleasure of meeting Will Durham, but from what I understand he was a pretty likable dude. Will passed away yesterday and there has been an outpouring of condolences coming from his friends and family all over the state ever since. Jay Meyer asked me if I would do a little dedication to Will on the mag, and of course, I was happy to do so. Losing a friend is really tough, but the important thing is to never forget. – Nicks

The Orlando skateboarding scene will never be the same after the upsetting news we received of the loss of Will Durham. He was always skating the craziest things and was one of the most down to earth people you could ever meet. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. Rest in Peace Will. – Jay Meyer

Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez

Ricky Roberts III Book Signing/ Q&A @ The Globe

My friend and fellow skateboarder, surfer, and mountainbiker, Ricky Roberts III is having a Book Signing/ Q&A Session at The Globe Coffee Lounge in downtown St. Petersburg this Saturday. Ricky is such a positive force and in the three books that he has written, Ricky shares the secrets to that positivity. Being passionate, pursuing your dreams, and realizing your higher purpose are all part of Ricky’s formula. Stop by and pick up a copy of Ricky’s latest book, Where Did The Gift Go?, meet Ricky, and kick back with some coffee and one of The Globe’s killer desserts. Saturday, April 30th from 4-6 pm.

Brad Cromer in “Holy Cow”

Check out Floridian shredder Brad Cromer’s part in Holy Cow, an independent film by Brandon Kuzma. When you’re finished with that, take a look at more of Brandon’s great work here.

Gator Denied Parole


 Legendary 80’s skateboarder, Mark “Gator” Rogowski was denied parole today in his 1992 first-degree murder and rape conviction. This was the first time since he started his sentence that he was eligible for parole, and will not be eligible for parole again for 7 years. Gator was convicted of first-degree murder and rape of a friend of his ex-girlfriend’s and sentenced to 31 years to life in prison. Read the article here.

Random Video Clip – Matt Flanagan

Nice little clip of Bradenton, Florida’s Underground Skateshop rider Matt Flanagan.

Tampa News Reporter Crushes Kid on Skateboard at Skatepark of Tampa Summer Skate Camp

I know this is old news, but it is nice to know that this kid is doing ok several months later. What was this dude thinking? By the way, the the timing is perfect because there is a Skate Camp at the Skatepark of Tampa on December 20th & 27th. The camp is presented by Element Skateboards, run by Wizard Smoke, and includes lunch, skateboarding lessons, a tour of the Skatepark of Tampa’s inner workings, and more. Hopefully Fox 13 isn’t planning on doing another morning show piece on it!