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MIA Welcomes Alex Yurrita, Mikey Higuera & Josh Narvaez to the Family

MIA Skate Shop proudly welcomes new team riders Alex Yurrita, Mikey Higuera & Josh Narvaez to the family. Filmed & edited by Mikey Bueso

The Shop Skateshop Promo

Our buddy Nate Ilardi put together this really rad little promo video for The Shop Skateshop in Bradenton, FL. The Shop is Bradenton’s only Skateboarder-Owned and Operated Skateshop, and is located just blocks from Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark, Make sure to swing through and check them out when you are in the area…and as they say down at The Shop ‘Don’t let a carpenter be your dentist’.

Miami Grand Central Park | Homie Edit

Check out this killer little edit of some of the MIA Skateshop crew and friends skating Grand Central Park. Grand Central is a new D.I.Y. project in downtown Miami that has been growing by the day thanks to some generous donations and the hard work of the local skateboarders. Featuring: Johnathan Alvarado, Ariel Alvarado, Rafael Lynch, Lazaro Reyes, Danny Fuenzalida, Jon Baragwanath, Manny Benitez, and more…


Volunteers is raw Miami street skating featuring: Josh Narvaez, Manny Benitez, John Baragwananth, Danny Fuezalida, Paul DeOliveira, Koki Loaiza, Richie Zuczek, Jimmy Lannon, Jason Spivey, Curtis Rapp, Zach Dykes, Eric Torres, Joel Meinholz, Alex Yurrita, Rene Perez.

Filmed and Edited by Mikey Bueso.

Koki Loaiza Sweden Summer 2012

MIA Skateshop team rider Koki Loaiza spent the summer skateboarding in Sweden.

Filmed and Edited by Martin Hallberg.

SB Crew | 99 ’til Infinity – Lost Tapes

OG Southern Boarder Skate Shop crew, including Rickie Dixon, Tommy Wray, Nick Heidenreich, and more.

MIA Skateshop | “Kwik Stop” w/ Manny Benitez & John Baragwanath

MIA Skateshop has a Kwik Stop with team riders Manny Benitez and John Baragwanath.

Filmed and Edited by Mikey Bueso.


Insta-Ramp is a portable halfpipe out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Insta-Ramp is used at various skateboarding/ art/ music events across the state. On Saturday, July 21st the Insta-Ramp will be at The Bricks and SPoT Skate Shop Ybor Two Year Anniversary and ready for shredding! Don’t miss it…and next time you need a ramp for an event, give Insta-Ramp a shout.

Here are a few photos of the Insta-Ramp getting shredded in a north Florida backyard sesh.

All Photos © James Grosser

Click on image to view large

Supra Demo @ Schoolyard Skatepark/ Westside Skateshop

Footage of the Supra Three Amigos 2012 Spring Tour stop at Schoolyard Skatepark/ Westside Skateshop in St. Petersburg from a couple weeks back. Featuring: Neen Williams, Keelan Dadd, Kevin Romar, Boo Johnson, Nick Tucker, Pat Rumney, and Spencer Hamilton.

Filmed and Edited by Tim Simmons.

*AMMO* X MIA | Bum Rush The Spot

Check this killer footage of the *AMMO* X MIA Collab and the Bum Rush The Spot event from a couple weekends ago down in Miami.