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SLAP Presents | “Quality Over Quantity” – Jimmy Mastrocolo & James Coleman

SLAP Magazine Presents: Jimmy Mastrocolo & James Coleman in Quality Over Quantity. Quality Over Quantity is a new independent video out of Florida from Christopher James featuring: Zac Gracie, Travis Ehrlund, Johnathan Ettman, James Coleman, Jimmy Mastrocolo, Derek Mclean, and Troy Betances. Pick up a copy of the DVD for only $10 right here.

SLAP Magazine | GX1000 – Puerto Rico

Best GX1000 yet…features: Yonnie Cruz, Jake Johnson, Al Davis, Jereme Knibbs, Jimmy Lannon, Abdias Rivera, Richie Zuczek, Brian Delatorre and Ben Gore shredding the crusty streets of Puerto Rico. Filmed and Edited by Ryan Garshell.

SLAP Magazine | Dirty 30: Paul Sakoff

SLAP Magazine has a new Dirty 30 featuring south Florida ripper Paul Sakoff.

GX1000 Goes Hollywood

Tons of Florida representation in the newest episode of GX1000 from SLAP Magazine. GX1000 Goes Hollywood features: Ben Gore, Mike Hubert, Jack Moran, Chris Jata, Matt Militano, Ryan O’Connor, Jon Scianneaux, Tony Montgomery, Billy Roper, Forrest Edwards, Max Van Arnem, Jereme Knibbs and Yonnie Cruz.

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Garshell

SLAP Magazine | GX 1000 #5

The Floridians are killing it out west in GX 1000 #5 from SLAP Magazine.

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Garshell.

SLAP Magazine X Paradise Wheels Present: Piro Sierra

SLAP Magazine & Paradise Wheels would like to present to you the raw, unique, and spontaneous street skating of Piro Sierra.

Filmed and Edited by Colin Read.

Slap Magazine’s “Jimmy Lannon Hydrant of Gold Contest”

Slap Magazine has a contest going on and the first THREE people to submit a video of them ollieing a Golden Fire Hydrant will win a prize package from Magenta Skateboards, Paradise Wheels, and Slap Magazine. Send your videos and video links to