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Random Photo | 09.22.2013 – Yoda

Photo Courtesy of Devin Jacoviello.

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Yoda, Boneress-One, 2013 Surf Expo, Orlando, FL.

SPoT On | Jon Sciano

The newest SPoT On from the Skatepark of Tampa features Big Bad Jon Sciano.

SPoT | Cruise Control – Orlando

In the most recent Cruise Control from the Skatepark of Tampa, the crew loaded up in the van and headed to Orlando. Street skating, a session at Midtown Skatepark, and the 2013 Surf Expo made for a fun, skating-filled weekend. Check it out…

‘SPoT On’ | Dan Plunkett

The latest SPoT On from Skatepark of Tampa features ATL representative Dan Plunkett.

Surf Expo Edit

Here is another rad Surf Expo edit from Jean Aguilar and Riley Payne.

Surf Expo 2013 Edit

Team Pain Skateparks has a killer video recap of the shredding that took place this weekend in Orlando at the 2013 Surf Expo.


The Soft Hoagie Rolls version of reality is always a little bit different…

Surf Expo 2013 Photos

Everybody was already throwing down yesterday at the 2013 Surf Expo in Orlando…then cash for bangers got thrown into the mix, and things got crazy.  Good times as usual courtesy of Team Pain Skateparks and Dickies.

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag

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SPoT | Cruise Control – St. Pete

The Skatepark of Tampa’s newest show Cruise Control is an excuse to load the crew into the SPoT van for the day and see what they can get themselves into. Amidst their travels, they will be giving out skateboards to worthy recipients courtesy of Boards for Bros. The next Cruise Control destination is this weekend in Orlando for Surf Expo and a session at Midtown Skatepark. Email if you have an upcoming event or would like the SPoT crew to cruise through your town next.

Team Pain Skateparks Presents – Surf Expo 2013

Team Pain Skateparks Presents – Surf Expo 2013 features: Bert Wootton, Chris Blake, Jon Scianneaux, Devin Abreu, Willie Wilson, Tj Harris, Chad Poore, Justin Lee, John Stowe, Thomas Burke, Kevin Sikes, Tj Gaskill, Mike Wine, Garrett Miller, Paul Hart, Dalton Dern, Timmy Knuth, Fletcher Renegar, Randy Okolichany, Jamie Foy, Craig Clements,and Zion Wright killing it.

Filmed & Edited By Kevin Perez

Additional Filming by Tj Gaskill

Surf Expo 2013

Surf Expo 2013 edit featuring: Zion Wright, Connor Askew, Greason Collazo, Jean Aguilar, Ish Cepeda, and Dakota Hunt.

Filmed and Edited by Riley Payne & Jean Aguilar

SURF EXPO September 2012 Edits

Here are a couple of edits of the ripping that went down at the SURF EXPO in Orlando over the weekend courtesy of Team Pain Skateparks. Featuring skating from TJ Harris, Kenny Day, Chris Blake, Chad Poore, Bert Wootton, Keith Gibb, Willie Wilson, Zion Wright, Greason Collazo, Jean Aguilar, Kevin Perez, Isiah Rodriguez, Jesus Fernandez, and Yoda.

Filmed and Edited by Riley Payne and Jean Aguilar

Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez.

Midtown Crew @ Surf Expo Orlando

Kevin Perez put together a sick little montage of the Midtown Skatepark crew destroying the course at Surf Expo in Orlando over the weekend. Featuring: Jon Scianneaux, Tj Harris, Chris Blake, Mike Wine, filmed and edited by Kevin Perez.

“All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge” Extras

Quiksilver just released a bunch of extras from the All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge that went down at Surf Expo in Orlando back in January.

Quiksilver’s “All 80’s All Day” Video

Words cannot even begin to describe how rad this is! This video is from Quiksilver and it is the best one yet of this event. Keep in mind that the youngest guy skating in this event was 37 years old! Mark Lake is 53! This is what skateboarding is all about!


Photo_Rob Meronek (SPoT).

Skatepark of Tampa has a RAD photo and video recap of  Quiksilver’s “All 80’s All Day” vert challenge at Surf Expo in Orlando last Friday night.

Quiksilver’s “All 80’s All Day” Final Results

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Tony Hawk won this thing…check the full results here. Super stoked for Florida legends Mark Lake, Mike McGill, Mike Frazier, Buck Smith, and Bob Umble…

Midtown Skatepark wins “Bangers 4 Bucks”!

Congratulations to Midtown Skatepark in Orlando, Florida for winning 2011’s Bangers 4 Bucks @ Surf Expo! Check out the highlight reel from Friday above.

“Bangers 4 Bucks” – Day 1

Check out this little highlight reel of the skating that took place on Day 1 of “Bangers 4 Bucks” @ Surf Expo in Orlando yesterday. Dalton Dern riding for OSP in Orlando, FL and Timmy Knuth riding for Graffiti Skate Zone in Palm Bay, FL took first and second place, respectively! Congratulations you guys! – Nicks

Reminder: Cliche Skateboards’ “Eastern Hide and Seek Tour”

Also, tomorrow, Friday January 7th, Cliche Skateboards will be kicking off it’s “Eastern Hide and Seek Tour” @ Surf Expo in Orlando. The Cliche team will be hanging out, skating, kissing babies, etc., then on Sunday they head over to Stonedge Skatepark in Daytona for a demo. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for “Hidden” giveaways.

“Bangers 4 Bucks” 2011 – Official Teams

Here are the official teams for Bangers 4 Bucks, which returns to Surf Expo in Orlando January 6-8, 2011. Bangers 4 Bucks is sponsored by Vans and Eastern Skate Supply, and there is $15,000 in cash and store merchandise up for grabs! Last year, Progressive Skatepark out of Canton, Georgia took first place…hopefully this year a Florida team will take home gold!







 Check out some of the highlights from last year’s Bangers 4 Bucks:

Cliche’s “Eastern Hide and Seek Tour”

Cliche Skateboards’ “Eastern Hide and Seek Tour” gets under way January 7th @ Surf Expo in Orlando. The Cliche team consisting of: Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, JB Gillet, Daniel Espinoza, Joey Brezinski, Jereme Daclin, and ?Guest? will be there kissing babies and shaking hands. There will also be hidden product giveaways, so keep your eyes and ears open for the clues! Cliche’s second stop on their tour will be @ the legendary “Stonehedge” skatepark in…wait a minute, it’s “Stonedge” you guys. I think they got it confused with “Stonehenge”, I can see how though, because that park is ancient. Don’t get me wrong though, the first pool and bowls I ever skated were @ Stonedge when I was about 16, and the park is definitely a classic with decades of skateboarding history.

Event Reminder: Quiksilver Presents “All 80’s, All Day”










You definitely don’t want to miss this! The Quiksilver “All 80’s All Day” returns to the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida on January 7th, 2011 @ 6:30 pm.  Legendary skateboarders Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Kevin Staab, and Mike McGill, just to name a few, will be throwing down your favorite 80’s tricks on the vert ramp. Check out all of the details here.

Check out the commercial Quiksilver just put together for “All 80’s, All Day” below.