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Team Pain Skateparks Updates

Lot’s of really killer Team Pain Skateparks news & updates to report today! First, it looks as though the Apollo Beach Skatepark is finished and ready for shredding. This is one of the most innovative and unique skate plazas ever built. Stay tuned for the official Grand Opening which should be in about a month. Also, the Providence East (Brandon) park is ready for a schralping and the official Grand Opening celebration is Saturday, April 21st @ Noon. Finally, Team Pain is breaking ground in Bradenton! 17,000 sq. ft. of crete, situated on the waterfront in downtown Bradenton!

Make sure to check out all of the latest photos and images below. Also, be sure to check out the sick little video edit of a recent private “photo-shoot” session at the Apollo Beach park.

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Apollo Beach Skatepark

Apollo Beach Skatepark

Apollo Beach Skatepark, Aerial View

Filmed & Edited: Riley Payne

Providence East (Brandon)

Breaking ground in Bradenton!


Vans X Team Pain

Vans Skatepark in Orlando is closing it’s doors for good this Saturday, January 21st, after a 10 year run. As a gift to the skateboarding scene in Orlando that has supported them all these years, Vans has collaborated with Team Pain to design two concrete obstacles that will be installed and ready to shred this week at Orlando Skate Park.

Yet Another Apollo Beach Skatepark Update…

Apollo Beach Skatepark looks like it is just about ready to shred…stay tuned for the official opening announcement!

Bradenton “Riverwalk” Skatepark Update

There is some good dialogue getting started on the Bradenton “Riverwalk” Skatepark Facebook Page…check it out and make sure to voice your opinions.

Bradenton “Riverwalk” Skatepark

Approximate future location of Bradenton "Riverwalk" Skatepark.

 17,000 sq. ft. of concrete! That is what the new Bradenton “Riverwalk” Skatepark is getting! Now, the important part…exactly how to use that 17,000 sq. ft. Make sure to stay tuned to the Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark facebook page for all of the latest updates. Also be sure to share your ideas about the design of the park and who you would like to see build it (Oh, I don’t know, Team Pain for example)! It is very crucial that this park be designed and built properly…there is nothing worse than a poorly designed park built by some random contractor!


JAMES A. JONES JR./ A resident looks over plans for the $6.2 million Riverwalk project Wednesday night at Bradenton Municipal Auditorium.

 Next Wednesday evening, February 23rd @ 6 pm, is the Bradenton City Council’s FINAL APPROVAL meeting regarding the new Bradenton Skate Park. Please come out and show your support for a FREE PUBLIC SKATE PARK! City Council needs to hear your voice! Read the latest on the Riverwalk project here.

Important Reminder: Bradenton “Riverwalk” Design Proposal Meeting!

Tonight, Wednesday, January 12th @ 5 pm is the Bradenton “Riverwalk” Design Proposal Meeting at the Bradenton Auditorium.  The Bradenton Downtown Development Authority will give the public their first look at the overall vision for the project which includes a SKATEPARK! Take a look at this article on the Bradenton Herald’s website this morning. Come out and show your support for a FREE, adequately lit, and all-hours access skatepark!

Bradenton “Riverwalk” Design Proposal Meeting!

On Wednesday, January 12th, the Bradenton DDA and Kimley-Horn & Associates will unveil the proposed design of the Bradenton “Riverwalk”  project, which hopefully includes the Team Pain skatepark that everyone is pushing for! The meeting is at the Bradenton Auditorium and gets started at 5pm. Please RSVP to Karen Kyser at 941.932.9440 or Let’s do this!

Bradenton Skatepark Petition Form

Alright, here is the latest on the status of the new Bradenton Skatepark. It looks as though a skatepark is part of the overall final plan for the downtown Bradenton “Riverwalk” project. The Downtown Development Authority is aware that there is plenty of support for the skatepark, and that the park will attract local (and non-local) people to the downtown area at least once a week. Let’s face it, if the park is done right, it will attract locals & non-locals to the downtown area MORE than once a week. There is one snag though, the DDA has NOT committed to having a FREE skatepark. The justifications for charging a “User Fee” for a public, city-owned, taxpayer-funded, skatepark, or any type of park for that matter, doesn’t hold any water. This is where you come in. Please fill out the petition form below and be sure to include keywords such as: “Free”, “Public”, “Lighted”, “All Hour Access”, etc. Also, be sure to include how many times per week you and your family would visit the park. Here is an example that you are more than welcome to use word for word or alter to fit your own personal comment: “A free public skate park along the riverfront will give kids a great outlet to release their energy in a positive way.  My family would visit the skate park at least 3 to 4 times a week hopefully at night as long as the skate park is lighted to skate in cooler temperatures.” Completed petition forms can be e-mailed to or they can be dropped of at any of the local skateshops in Bradenton or Sarasota or at P(a)yne Skatepark in Sarasota. Thank you for your support!