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Fun City D.I.Y. | Thrasher Mag “Firing Line” – Anthony Schultz

The latest “Firing Line” from Thrasher Mag made possible by The Shop Skateshop filmed by Frank Branca @frankbranca.

Northern Co. | SF Treat: Sweet Little Soul

The latest SF Treat “Sweet Little Soul” features Northern Co. crew: Tobin Valverde, Jesse Narvaez, and Bryan Bothelo soul skating the streets of San Francisco.

HUF in Florida

HUF IN FLORIDA Features HUF team riders Brad Cromer, Josh Matthews, & Dan Plunkett, with special guest Ryan Lay. As featured in Thrasher Magazine’s October 2012 issue. Shot & Cut by Martin Reigel.

Thrasher Magazine | Brad Cromer Full Part/ Turns Pro

Thrasher Magazine dropped this surprise full-part from Krooked Skateboards’ newest Pro Brad Cromer today…it pretty much kills. Enjoy.

Thrasher Magazine | Double Rock – Gullwing

Keith Baldassare, Drew Hoffman, and Jake “Poptart” Welch shredding Double Rock with Shaun Ross, Tyrone Olson, and the Gullwing Crew recently.

Thrasher Magazine | Jon Sciano: Coast to Coast

Thrasher Magazine has an exclusive Jon Sciano part that you are not going to want to miss.

Thrasher Magazine | Tampa Am Aside

Thrasher Magazine has a killer edit of some of the non-contest related shredding that went down over the 2012 Tampa Am weekend, including a heated Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark sesh. Featuring: Ronnie Sandoval, Alex Sorgente, Robbie Russo, Raney Beres, Clive Dixon, Alec Majerus, and more.

Thrasher Magazine | Double Rock: Downtime 2

Demon Seed Skateboards team riders Keith Baldassare and Jake “Poptart” Welch moved out west a couple of months ago. They have been busy shredding. Check them out in Thrasher Magazine’s Double Rock: Downtime 2

Florida Ripping

Thrasher Magazine has two and a half minutes of ripping from the Ergo crew and their homies at some pretty classic Orlando and Tampa spots. Norman Woods, David Loy, Shawn Hale, Preston Harper, Dylan Perry, Clive Dixon, Evan Smith, Dontae Smith, and Bert Wootten all get some in this one…

Thrasher’s 2011 S.O.T.Y – Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor is Thrasher Magazine’s 2011 Skater of the Year…it’s easy to see why with this part. Pure gnar.

More Backflips

So, a few weeks ago this dude blew up the internet with a backflip to 50-50 and a backflip manual.  Well, I guess, just as the natural progression of doing a backflip in an “extreme sport” dictates, the only thing Roberto Jimenez could do to take it to the next level was…to go around twice! Unfortunately, this one earned this Gator Board Shop local the elusive “Hall of Meat” award over at Thrasher Magazine. Slam or land right?

DJ Gaudin: Double Rock Drive-By

8103 Clothing family member DJ Gaudin did a Drive-By at Thrasher Magazine’s Double Rock recently. This dude has some serious switch skills.

1031 Skateboards “Get Bent”

The new 1031 Skateboards video Get Bent premiered yesterday exclusively on and Click on the 1031 logo above to check it out for yourself…you will not be disappointed! This is raw, real, skateboarding at its finest! DVD’s will be available in a couple of weeks.

Mind’s Eye: Ben Kilpatrick

Being a photographer myself, I am constantly checking out other photographer’s work. There are a ton of really good photographers out there, but, it is only once in a while that you come across a photographer’s work that just blows your mind. I recently discovered Ben Kilpatrick’s photography…and, Ben’s work is definitely “Mind-Blowing” caliber. I have been wanting to do a feature on the mag from time to time, showcasing photographers, filmers/ videographers, artists, and their work, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to start. I contacted Ben with my idea and he was stoked on it, so here we go!
The name of this new feature is “Mind’s Eye”. The “mind’s eye” was a term that Ansel Adams used to describe the ability to visualize the final image before even shooting the photograph. This type of “sixth sense” ability, I believe, translates across all disciplines of art, and is the sign of a truly talented artist. – Nicks
“In my mind’s eye, I visualize how a particular… sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice.” – Ansel Adams  
All Photographs © Copyright Ben Kilpatrick Photography
Click on photo to view large. 

Matt Macmillen, Frontside Hurricane.

 My name is Ben Kilpatrick. I am from Tallahassee, Florida and have recently made the big move to New York City. If you live in Florida and haven’t skated in Tallahassee you need too. Really underrated! So many good spots, and most barely touched! I’m currently sitting in the dungeon room in my rad ass cousins apartment missing my moms amazing cooking/baking and my awesome friends back home. waaah wahhh. haha. Trio for life! 

Jerry Yates, Backside Kickflip.

  Anyways, my mom bought me a little point and shoot camera in 12th grade to take pictures of all my friends and stuff during the last few months of school. I used it a lot and really enjoyed it inside and outside of school. A few years later i decided to start saving up for a dslr and bought an entry-level canon. I was hooked. I worked overtime all summer that year and bought a few lenses and a flash. Since then I have upgraded a few times. I’m currently using a Canon 5D and 1DIII for cameras. For lenses I’m using a 10-17 Fisheye, 17-40L, 35L, 50 (1.4), 70-200L. I also have a variety pack of flashes. Dudes keep knocking over my sunpak 120j’s so I’ve just got to settle for the cheaper flashes. I have been shooting for about 4 years now. 

Eby Ghafarian, Window Frame 50-50 to fakie.

   The most inspiring person always points back to my mom. She is a damn hard worker and is extremely motivated to do what she loves. So that keeps me motivated to push myself. Eby Ghafarian (owner of Naysayer Skateboards is another inspiration for me too. He has a ton of drive and uses his long hair and vegan powers to skate 15 hours a day, stay up until 5 am working on stuff and then sleeping for 2 hours and doing it all over again. He is not human. No lie. And then you have ill ass photographers like Bradford, Herzmann, Ying, and others. Shout outs to Tallahassee! – Ben Kilpatrick

Richard Quintero, Frontside Tailslide.

 Make sure you check out more of Ben’s amazing work at and stay up to date with all of his adventures at Also, be sure to pick up a copy of the June 2011 issue of Thrasher Magazine on shelves now, and check out Ben’s Skater’s Eye!

Johan Stuckey, Frontside 5-0.
Apparently, Ben is also a naturally talented filmer as well. In his last few months being in Tallahassee, Ben compiled so much footage with his GoPro filming all of his friends that he decided to put it all togther into a homie video entitled Panhandlers. Take a look at Jerry Yates and Matt Macmillen’s parts.

Remix: Brian Delatorre MIA

Josh Stewart Remixed Brian Delatorre’s incredible Welcome to MIA part exclusively for Thrasher Magazine. Click the image below to see it for yourself.

Thrasher Magazine’s “King Of The Road 2010”: Full Download

Thrasher Magazine’s “King Of The Road 2010” is now available for download…in its entirety…for FREE! Just click on the image above.

Random Video Clip: “Firing Line: Raven Tershy”

Raven Tershy is an absolute animal…I have seen so much ripping footage of this dude lately! Hey Creature Skateboards, when are you guys going to make Raven an Overlord? Anyway, Raven is the hardest working & hardest ripping am out there these days as far as I’m concerned. Take a look at his latest clip, Firing Line: Raven Tershy, courtesy of the folks at Thrasher Magazine.

Time Capsule Thursdays: R.I.P. “Hubba Hideout”


As of the end of January, 2011, the legendary San Francisco street skating spot, “Hubba Hideout” is no more. “Hubba Hideout” was located near Justin Herman Plaza on The Embarcadero (EMB).  The infamous skate spot got its name originally because of the fact that it was kind of hidden away (hideout) and the term “hubba” was a popular slang term for crack cocaine. The fact that the spot was hidden made it a favorite for local vagrants who wanted to partake in illegal activities such as smoking crack. Ironically enough, but not surprising, is that the police didn’t start patrolling the area until skateboarders started skating the ledges back in the early 1990’s. Although, apparently most of the time you could skate there for hours on end and never get harassed by the police…maybe just a couple of crackheads. Today the term “Hubba” is synonymous with that type of ledge as an obstacle, whether it is skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, etc.

Over the past two decades there have been some really insane tricks put down at “Hubba Hideout”. Wade Speyer had the first ever documented trick on the world renowned ledge, which was a crooked grind that appeared in Thrasher Magazine in 1991 and was photographed by Bryce Kanights. Since then, skateboarders from all over the planet have pushed themselves to the next level to get a sick trick down “Hubba Hideout”. Most notable are Carl Shipman’s frontside bluntslide, which appeared on the cover of Thrasher Magazine in January of 1994, Fred Gall’s switch frontside 5-0 (Thrasher Magazine cover, February 1995), Karl Watson’s frontside noseslide 270 out, Kris Markovich’s backside 180 nosegrind, Pat Duffy’s kickflip noseslide, and of course, Eric Koston’s backside noseblunt slide (Transworld Skateboarding Magazine Photo Annual Cover 1998).

Wade Speyer, Crooked Grind. Photo_Bryce Kanights.

Over the years, as the number of skateboarders sessioning the spot grew, the city of San Francisco made attempts to render the ledge unskateble. Originally, skatestoppers were installed, only to be removed by persistent skaters. Most recently the brick landing at the bottom of the stairs was completely removed only to have skateboarders once again defy their efforts by using sheets of plywood as a temporary landing. Regardless, the spot is now officially gone, but the mass amounts of video and photographic documentation are now evidence of a very vital part of the history and progression of skateboarding. Take a few minutes to check out the videos below from several years back about the first 10 years of “Hubba Hideout”.

Double Rock – Ben Raybourn!

I can’t get enough of this…Ben Raybourn kills it!