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The Avenue Collective | Grady’s Trash

The Avenue Collective has a killer little throwaway edit from north Florida ripper Grady Smith to  help get your week off to a good start.

Filmed and Edited by Chris Jolly.


Happy Roots | Nico Mitsakos – Throwaway

Nico Mitsakos ‘Throwaway’ footy from Austin McCurry’s upcoming full-length HAPPY ROOTS rips.

Garbage Tape No.2 | Throwaway

These Orlando/ Central Florida dudes kill it! Garbage Tape No. 2 features in order of appearance:  Willie Wilson, Tj Harris, Kanaan Dern, Dexter Caruthers, Justin Lee, Ben Eubank, Dalton Dern, Billy Dunn, Lam Le, and Chad Poore.

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Quality Over Quantity | Throwaway #2

It’s amazing what some people consider “throwaway” footage. Throwaway #2 from Chris James’ new full length Qualtiy Over Quantity features: Travis Ehrlund, Johnathan Ettman, Derek Mclean, and Jimmy Mastrocolo…and it is two minutes of straight ripping. Support skateboarding in Florida and pick up a copy of  Quality Over Quantity here.

“Qualtiy Over Quantity” Throwaway | Zac Gracie & Troy Betances

Hard to believe that this is throwaway footage…Zac Gracie and Troy Betances from Quality Over Quantity.

Austin Griffith | “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Austin Griffith’s throwaway footy from Troy Vetri’s upcoming video Idiosyncratic is super good.

Josh Baker | “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Josh Baker’s throwaway footy from the upcoming full-length Idiosyncratic.

Filmed and Edited by Troy Vetri.

Ben Eubank “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Ben Eubank’s “throwaway” footy from Idiosyncratic, a full-length in the works from Troy Vetri.

Nick Babich “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

It is always such a pleasure to see unique, creative, and refreshing styles in skateboarding. Nick Babich definitely has a style unlike anyone else. Look for a full part from Nick in Troy Vetri’s upcoming full-length Idiosyncratic…in the meantime, enjoy this throwaway footage.

WayDeep Throwaway

Throwaway clips from the WayDeep fam…full video in progress.