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The Avenue Collective | Grady’s Trash

The Avenue Collective has a killer little throwaway edit from north Florida ripper Grady Smith to  help get your week off to a good start.

Filmed and Edited by Chris Jolly.


Happy Roots | Nico Mitsakos – Throwaway

Nico Mitsakos ‘Throwaway’ footy from Austin McCurry’s upcoming full-length HAPPY ROOTS rips.

Garbage Tape No.2 | Throwaway

These Orlando/ Central Florida dudes kill it! Garbage Tape No. 2 features in order of appearance:  Willie Wilson, Tj Harris, Kanaan Dern, Dexter Caruthers, Justin Lee, Ben Eubank, Dalton Dern, Billy Dunn, Lam Le, and Chad Poore.

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Quality Over Quantity | Throwaway #2

It’s amazing what some people consider “throwaway” footage. Throwaway #2 from Chris James’ new full length Qualtiy Over Quantity features: Travis Ehrlund, Johnathan Ettman, Derek Mclean, and Jimmy Mastrocolo…and it is two minutes of straight ripping. Support skateboarding in Florida and pick up a copy of  Quality Over Quantity here.

“Qualtiy Over Quantity” Throwaway | Zac Gracie & Troy Betances

Hard to believe that this is throwaway footage…Zac Gracie and Troy Betances from Quality Over Quantity.

Austin Griffith | “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Austin Griffith’s throwaway footy from Troy Vetri’s upcoming video Idiosyncratic is super good.

Josh Baker | “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Josh Baker’s throwaway footy from the upcoming full-length Idiosyncratic.

Filmed and Edited by Troy Vetri.

Ben Eubank “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Ben Eubank’s “throwaway” footy from Idiosyncratic, a full-length in the works from Troy Vetri.

Nick Babich “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

It is always such a pleasure to see unique, creative, and refreshing styles in skateboarding. Nick Babich definitely has a style unlike anyone else. Look for a full part from Nick in Troy Vetri’s upcoming full-length Idiosyncratic…in the meantime, enjoy this throwaway footage.

WayDeep Throwaway

Throwaway clips from the WayDeep fam…full video in progress.

Scott Garrison | Dumpster Time

Energy Skateshop team rider Scott Garrison has been putting in a lot of time in front of the lens lately. Check out this little throwaway edit.

C4F Throwaway | Untitled #2

Matt Oistacher has some rad throwaway clips for you from his upcoming full-length Criteria For Failure (C4F).

Pedro Delfino | Throwaway Clips

South Florida shredder Pedro Delfino has some raw “throwaway” clips for your viewing pleasure.

Filmed and Edited by Fabiana Delfino

Nolan Lee Throwaway Footage has some sick throwaway footy of Florida OG, POW!! Skateboards owner, and 8103 Clothing team rider Nolan Lee. Look for his new full-length part coming soon on

Filmed by Bradley Cushing and Dennis Williford

Edited by Nolan Lee

VHS | Brevard County Spring Throwaway

VHS is an edit of 2012 Spring throwaway footage straight outta Bro-vard County, Florida. Featuring, in order of appearance: In Order: Chris Shatto, Adam Whitacre, Brian Hiney, Jason Ross, Shane Carter, Jon Beach, David Morefield, Jonathan Morefield, Brian Orourke, Max Catasus, and Nick Misner.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Hadden.

Jon Scianneaux Throwaway Footy

You are an absolute ripper when you have 5 minutes of  “throwaway” footage that looks like this.

Filmed & Edited by Daniel Wheatley

Ryan Skorker “Are We Done Yet” Throwaway

Ryan Skorker throwaway clips from the upcoming Are We Done Yet? video from Liam Jordan. Stay tuned for details about the premiere at Compound Boardshop in Sarasota.

Filmed & Edited by Liam Jordan.

Kenny Day Throwaway Clips

Damn, these are “throwaway” clips? When you rip like Kenny Day does they are. Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Solo (‘4’ Claire): Teasers, Throwaways, Etc.

Here’s a sick new montage from David Stoessel, the independent skateboarding filmmaker from Florida that released the full-length SPREADtheGOOD just a few months ago. SPREADtheGOOD was a killer and judging from this montage, Stoessel has wasted no time getting started on his next project. Check it out, Solo (‘4’ Claire) features Dylan Perry, Garret Miller, Matt Ramsey, Nick Zizzo, Aaron Collier, and a bunch of other Florida shredders.