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Broadcasting Bradenton

Broadcasting Bradenton with TJ Sparks. Film/ Edit: Jay Cee

SPoT On | TJ Sparks

The most recent SPoT On from the Skatepark of Tampa features long-time local ripper TJ Sparks.

Andrew Reynolds @ SPoT & Lakeland Skatepark Grand Opening

Andrew Reynolds came to town for the Grand Opening Celebration of the new park in his hometown of Lakeland, FL. A lot of local shredders got clips in this one. Enjoy.


TJ Sparks, Dan Harper, Billy Birk, Johnny Goheen, and Scott Grimm gettin it done in Bradenton in this one.

Filmed and Edited by Jay Cee.

MIA Skateshop Skates Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark

MIA Skateshop Skates Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark features: Danny Fuenzalida, Rene Perez, Rafael Lynch, Deion’dre De Veaux, John Baragwanath, Lazaro Reyes, and a guest appearance by TJ Sparks.

Filmed & Edited by: DJ Brethauer.

Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark | “High 5 Monday” Edit

High 5 Mondays at Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark get rowdy. Featuring: Tim Struffet, Bill Burk, Robert Bradley Quagliotti, Jeff Ray, Jeremy Leyva, Tj Sparks, Matt Kepler, Steve Ross, Mike Harriman, Zak Siddle, Cory Wash.

SPoT | 10 Tricks & Two Cents – TJ Sparks

SPoT’s newest 10 Tricks & Two Cents features the elusive TJ Sparks.

Soft Hoagie Rolls | Riverwalk Rolls

Soft Hoagie Rolls always coming through with the goodness. TJ Sparks, Anthony Marshello, and Nick Barwick shred Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark in this one.

SPoT Life | Expedition One in Tampa

Check out the latest episode of SPoT Life featuring Expedition One. From the Harvest Jam @ SPoT, to Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark, back to Tampa for a private driveway session.


Chessboxin’ is a sick new edit out of the Tampa Bay area. Featuring in order: Chris Jata, Manny Rodriguez, Phil Toye, Jimmy Mastrocolo, Dan Harper, Brent Sowinski, Piro Sierra, Malcom Seaman, and TJ Sparks.

Filmed and Edited by Jon Christopher.

“Rainy Days” Clip

Fun little “Rainy Days” clip from Ben Kilpatrick with Caio Notaro, Fletcher Renegar, and Westside Skateshop fam TJ Sparks and Piro Sierra, shredding the Astoria park on a rainy day in NYC.

Quick 5: TJ Sparks

Quick 5 is a brand new, and hopefully regular, feature on the mag. Pretty much just like it sounds, Quick 5 is a quick, 5-trick video clip. I’m hoping that this will also force me to improve my filming and editing skills! Anyway, getting us started is Westside Skateshop family member, and one of Florida’s finest…TJ Sparks. – Nicks

TJ Sparks Interview Coming Soon…

…Stay Tuned.

Goat Ramp Demo at the Take Over

The Goat Ramp demo at the Take Over in Sarasota on Saturday was sick! Such good times, good vibes, and the skateboarding was next-level! Big shout-outs to the Demon Seed Skateboards crew, the P(a)yne Skate Park crew, and everybody else that showed up to shred and have a good time! See you guys next weekend at the 3rd Annual Ghetto Bowl Bash!
Click photo to view large: 

Nick Murphy, Pivot to Fakie.

Tillman Hazelton, Backside Boneless.

Keith Baldassare, Judo over the hip.

Nick Murphy, Blunt to Fakie.

Poptart, Frontside Air over the hip.

Nick Murphy, Big Frontside Air over the gap.

Jake Ilardi, Frontside Air over the hip.

Jake Ilardi, Kickflip to Fakie.

Nick Murphy, Boneless from High to Low.

Mat Call, Oliie up to Smith.

Jay Turner, Frontside 5-0.

Mat Call, Ollie to Backside Disaster over the hip.

TJ Sparks, Frontside Smith Grind.

Jay Turner, Frontside Ollie.

Nico Mitsakos, Blunt to Fakie

BBQ, Ollie from Low to High with a tail tap.

Mat Call, Frontside Alley-Oop from Low to High.

Jared, Huge Frontside Flip.

Poptart, Frontside Air from Low to High.

TJ Sparks, Ollie in from High to Low.