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3CHIP Video | Ben Eubank

Ben Eubank’s full part from Tommy Bohn’s latest video 3CHIP. Central Florida shreddin’ right here…

Kanaan Dern | 3 Chip Video- Full Part

Kanaan can slay the handrail beasts with the best of them. His part in Tommy Bohn’s 3 Chip Video is proof of that…

Theeve Trucks Welcomes Dalton Dern

Theeve Trucks welcomes central Florida ATV ripper Dalton Dern to the team with this edit.

Garbage Tape No.2 | Throwaway

These Orlando/ Central Florida dudes kill it! Garbage Tape No. 2 features in order of appearance:  Willie Wilson, Tj Harris, Kanaan Dern, Dexter Caruthers, Justin Lee, Ben Eubank, Dalton Dern, Billy Dunn, Lam Le, and Chad Poore.

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Dalton Dern 540 on the Maitland Brick Quarters

Dalton Dern 540 on the Maitland Brick Quaters in the F.L.O. Video.

F.L.O | TJ Harris

TJ Harris’ part in Tommy Bohn’s new full-length F.L.O. Pick up a copy of the DVD for only $10 here.

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Kanaan Dern | F.L.O. – Full Part

Kanaan Dern’s part in Tommy Bohn’s new video F.L.O. is a beast!

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn

Midtown Skatepark | Clip of the Week #24 – Kanaan Dern – F.L.O.

Midtown Skatepark’s Clip of the Week #24 features Kanaan Dern. Kanaan’s full part in F.L.O., which is premiering at Midtown Skatepark this Saturday, should be insane. Don’t miss it.

Orlando – Rella Street

Kevin Perez put together an edit of random footage featuring: Bert Wootton, Chris Blake, TJ Harris, Damien Harris, Willie Wilson, Tommy Bohn, Keith Gibb, and Kevin Perez.

Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez.

SPREADtheGOOD | Full Video

SPREADtheGOOD is a full length skate video by David Stoessel, released in April of 2011 and features about 75 % of the rippingest skaters from Florida. Featuring: Nick Zizzo, Kevin Shealy, Randy Okolichany/Matt Blas, Dylan Perry, Friends 1, Friends 2, Friends 3, Carlos Mendez/Joe Storm, Daniel Delanois, Alex Tatum/Ryan Ward, Chris Freistat/Charlie Cassidy, Tyler Bolar, Aaron Collier, and Travis Ehrlund.Friends Section In Order Of Appearance: Tj Harris, Aaron Falin, Salomon Cardenas, Abdias Rivera, Andrew Considine, Brian Slattery, Juan Ordonez, Nick Nifakos, Dalton Dern, Brandon Rasouli, Josiah Gatlyn, Ryan O’Connor, Thomas Burke, Tj Gaskill, Johan Stuckey, Justin Fuller, Paul Sakoff, Blake Carpenter, Bert Wootton, Grant Yansura, Dorian Warneck, Nile Osborn, Ryan Rullman, Daniel Arias, Paul Calvani, “Jazz” Brian Peter Leeb 3rd, Derek McLean, Marcel Mullet, Matt Ramsey, Troy Ansley, “Duck” Josh Hardin, Wyatt Woodward, Timmy Knuth, Zak DePiero, Matt Jay, Alex Mill, “Jersey” Matt Block, Rysean Goods, Danny Dorsa, “Tons” Alex Wolslagel, Chris James, Sean Shakespear, Devin Jacoviello, Alex Rodriguez, Joe Yates, Derek Elmandorf, Troy Betances, Cody Lucas, Jerry Cadet, Will Colazzo, Jereme Knibbs, “Darkness” Mike Barnes, Paul Torrento, and Bobby Maher. Additional Filming By: Tyler Ross, Juan Ordonez, Tyler King, Jack Turner, Chris James, Joe Flannery, Derek Elmendorf, Jeremy Katz, TJ Gaskill, Jordan Gibo, Rob Ratner, Josh Cronje, Miguel Valle, Wyatt Woodward, Grant Yansura, Eamon Ford, Tommy Bohn, Jesse Silva, Keven Perez, Josh Hardin, Chris Burt, Josh Miller, Aaron Randi, Jack Morgan, Stephen Buggica, Joe Face, Dean Antoniou, Daniel Wheatley, Connor Albu, and Johnny Marszal. Enjoy!

Filmed and Edited by David Stoessel.

Own a copy for $15.00

Santa Am @ Midtown Skatepark

Blooze Skateboards and Midtown Skatepark brought us the Santa Am All Ages Contest last Friday, December 23rd. Check the footy here:

Filmed & Edited by Tommy Bohn.

DAYLANDO – Dalton Dern Throwaway Clips

You know you are a ripper when your “throwaway” clips look like this. Look for Dalton’s full part in DAYLANDO, a full-length video by TJ Gaskill…dropping soon?


Midtown Massacre 2011

Tommy Bohn put together a nice little montage of bangers from Midtown Skatepark’s 2nd Annual Midtown Massacre Best Trick Contest.

Filmed & Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Galactic G Welcomes Justin Lee

Galactic G Skateshop in Orlando proudly welcomes Justin Lee to their team. Guest appearance by Kenny Day.

Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Midtown Skatepark 1 Year Anniversary Montage

Midtown Skatepark in Orlando celebrated their 1 year anniversary over the weekend. As usual, there was some serious shredding going on.

Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill

Additional Filming by Kevin Perez and Tommy Bohn.

Kenny Day Throwaway Clips

Damn, these are “throwaway” clips? When you rip like Kenny Day does they are. Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Filmer Footy

Every once in a while, filmers and photographers get some too. Check out this montage of Orlando filmers Tommy Bohn and Kevin Perez gettin’ some at Midtown Skatepark. Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez and Tommy Bohn.

Midtown Skatepark: After-Hours with TJ Harris

After-hours sesh at Midtown Skatepark with TJ Harris and homie Kenny Day. Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Quick Midtown Clip: Kenny Day

There has been some serious shredding going on at Midtown Skatepark…and the clips just keep coming and coming! This clip is almost a minute of Kenny Day just destroying the place, the ender is just ridiculous! Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

More Midtown Montages

Here are a couple more killer little montages of some Midtown Skatepark locals getting their summer started off right.

This first montage features: TJ Harris, Chris Abbott, Willie Wilson, Aaron Collier, Justin Lee, Kenny Day, and Garrett Miller. Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez, with additional by Tommy Bohn.

Up next is Garrett Miller, Devin Abreu, and Chris Almeida getting things done. Filmed and Edited by Chris Almeida.