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Bones Bearings | Florida Trip

Check out this edit of the Bones Bearings team on a recent trip through Florida.

SPoT Spring Roll 2012

Check the footage of the 2012 SPoT Spring Roll All-Ages Contest Presented by DVS & Matix. This edit also includes footage from several other spots around the Tampa Bay area including the brand new Apollo Beach Skatepark and of course, the legendary Bro Bowl. Daewon’s trick in the Bro Bowl will blow your mind…

Plan B Demo & Signing in Orlando This Weekend

The Plan B team consisting of: Danny Way, Colin McKay, Torey Pudwill, PJ Ladd, and Ryan Sheckler, are doing a demo at Vans Skatepark in Orlando this Friday, September 9th @ 7 pm. Then, Saturday, the 10th, there will be an autograph signing at the Element store in Universal City Walk. Not quite sure about the Element store autograph signing thing, but, watching these dudes destroy Vans park would be sick. Especially if Danny and Colin turn it up on that vert ramp!

2011 Tampa Pro Finals: Live Webcast Replay

Wow! Here is all 57+ minutes on the 2011 Tampa Pro Finals as it was seen that day via the Live Webcast!

2011 Tampa Pro Coverage (More To Come)…

Here is a sequence and a little video clip from this afternoon. This is my first attempt at video and it’s obvious, oh well. More photos and video tomorrow.

Torey Pudwill, Monty Grind (AKA Backside Smith) to Backside Tailslide.
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Dennis Busenitz Wins 2011 Tampa Pro!

Well, no doubt you’ve already heard that Dennis Busenitz won the 2011 Tampa Pro this afternoon. His winning run was almost perfect…he absolutley killed it! Nyjah Huston took second and Torey Pudwill came in third. A lot of incredible skateboarding went down this weekend, check the full final results here and the Silver Best Trick results here.