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2012 Tampa Am | Nassim Guammaz Sequence

No doubt you have heard by now that Alec Majerus won the 2012 Tampa Am. Nassim Guammaz, who came in 4th place, won “Best Style” in my book. – Nicks.

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Nassim Guammaz, Fakie Ollie to Fakie 50-50

Nassim Guammaz, Fakie Ollie to Fakie 50-50


Vans Warped Tour 2012 – St. Pete | Mini-Ramp Contest

Maybe I’m just getting old, but all of the bands at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour in St. Pete yesterday sounded the same. Someone at one point told me that it was the same band that had played a four hour set, and I believed him. Anyway, at least the skating was ripping. Here is a little sample of the shredding that went down on this hot, July afternoon in St. Pete, Florida. – Nicks

Final Results:

1. Jereme Knibbs – $250

2. Keith Baldassare -$150

3. Poptart – $100

4. Ben Johnson – Vans Shoes Certificate

5. Nick Wallace – Vans Shoes Certificate

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag 2012

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Schoolyard Skatepark | Vans Warped Tour Mini-Ramp Qualifiers

I had to re-upload this little edit of the Vans Warped Tour Qualifier on the mini-ramp at Schoolyard Skatepark from a couple weekends ago because of some copyright issues. Anyway, here it is. Thanks to Demon Seed Skateboards, Westside Skateshop, and Schoolyard Skatepark for putting this on. See you guys at the Vans Warped Tour in Vinoy Park next weekend. – Nicks

Filmed and Edited by Nick Nicks.


Insta-Ramp is a portable halfpipe out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Insta-Ramp is used at various skateboarding/ art/ music events across the state. On Saturday, July 21st the Insta-Ramp will be at The Bricks and SPoT Skate Shop Ybor Two Year Anniversary and ready for shredding! Don’t miss it…and next time you need a ramp for an event, give Insta-Ramp a shout.

Here are a few photos of the Insta-Ramp getting shredded in a north Florida backyard sesh.

All Photos © James Grosser

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GSD 2012 Jacksonville | Autoline Street Best Trick

Here is just a little taste of how big Jacksonville, Florida did Go Skateboarding Day 2012. As you can see, thousands of people descended upon Hemming Plaza in downtown Jacksonville for shredding, music, an art show, a chopper show, an antique car show, and good times! Hemming Plaza is one of those places; seems like every city has one; where there are a bunch of good spots, but is a huge bust…tickets, boards being confiscated, etc. Well, this year, for Go Skateboarding Day, the city of Jacksonville, with the help of all of the sponsors, decided to allow Hemming Plaza to be skated, while also benefiting the Kona School. This is an edit of the Autoline Preowned Street Best Trick Contest. Full coverage of the entire event is coming soon!

Filmed and Edited by James Grosser for Autoline Preowned.

Bum Rush The Spot 2011 Presented By Vans

Bum Rush The Spot 2011 Presented By Vans was a couple of weeks ago in Miami. Three different spots, $100 Best Trick Contest at each spot. The three spots in order were: Cement Halfpipe, Key Biscayne Bank to Ledge, and the Allapattah 2 Up 3 Down. Also sponsored by IamYourVillian, Flatspot Boardshop, MIA Skateshop, OJ Wheels, Independent Trucks, Lowcard Mag, Bones Bearings, and Hopps Skateboards. Check out the ripping that went down! Filmed and Edited by Mikey Bueso.

Pro-Tec Pool Party Live Webcast

Watch the Live Webcast of the 7th Annual Pro-Tec Pool Party right here on Saturday, May 21st at 6pm EST.

Keith Baldassare I.S.T.I.A. Interview

Take a look at the Keith Baldassare Interview over at I Skate Therfore I Am.

Keith Baldassare, Over the Hip to Frontside 5-0, OSP, 2011.

Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding – Episode 2 “The Monty Grind”

Monty Nolder, "Monty Grind", Kona Skatepark, Jacksonville, Florida circa 1983. Photo_Steve Gump.

In Episode #2 of OFFTHEWALL.TV‘s new series, Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding, Jeff Grosso explains why the “Backside Smith Grind” or “Back Smith” should really be called the “Monty Grind”. Legendary Florida skateboarder Monty Nolder invinted the “Monty Grind” in the early 80’s…easy as that. So, from now on the “Backside Smith Grind” is the “Monty Grind”!

Random Video: Vans 20 Years Ray Barbee

Since we are on the subject of legendary skateboarders and 20 years today, I thought this video was also appropriate. Ray Barbee has been doing it for a long time now…a true legend.