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Cosmic Vomit 2 Trailer

Here is the trailer for Cosmic Vomit 2, which is coming your way December 20th, 2012. Just one day before the new Creature video and the impending Armageddon. Cosmic Vomit 2 is a skateboarding film documented on VX1000 and VHS cameras featuring the skating of Johan Stuckey, Bert Wootton, Blake Carpenter, Jesse Alba, Nolan Benfield and Bryce Mandel as well as Justin Fuller, Jack Moran and Andrew Considine.

VHS | Brevard County Spring Throwaway

VHS is an edit of 2012 Spring throwaway footage straight outta Bro-vard County, Florida. Featuring, in order of appearance: In Order: Chris Shatto, Adam Whitacre, Brian Hiney, Jason Ross, Shane Carter, Jon Beach, David Morefield, Jonathan Morefield, Brian Orourke, Max Catasus, and Nick Misner.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Hadden.

Time Capsule Thursdays: “H-Street – Hokus Pokus”

In my opinion, H-Street’s Hokus Pokus is the most influential skateboarding video of all time. I was still pretty new to skateboarding in 1989, so the timing probably played a huge role for me, but there is no denying the very important part this video played in such a transitional time in the history of skateboarding. So, for the next 7 weeks, Time Capsule Thursdays will feature the entire Hokus Pokus video broken down into 7 parts. I am going to plug in my VCR and enjoy my VHS copy of it! So, here is part 1 of 7…enjoy!