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Welcome to VOX – Victor Garibay

Victor Garibay always has a creative approach to skateboarding and spot selection. Check out his Welcome to VOX Footwear edit…

Brixton’s Brad Cromer

Brixton is proud to welcome Florida’s finest and new Krooked Skateboards Pro Brad Cromer.

Theeve Trucks Welcomes Dalton Dern

Theeve Trucks welcomes central Florida ATV ripper Dalton Dern to the team with this edit.

Westside Skateshop Welcomes Dan Harper

Westside Skateshop proudly welcomes Dan Harper to the team with this proper edit from Soft Hoagie Rolls.

Untitled Skateboards Welcomes Max Catasus

Untitled Skateboards proudly welcomes Florida east coast ripper Max Catasus to the team.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Hadden.

Shred Shed Welcomes Tyler Bolar

Shred Shed in Lake Worth proudly welcomes Tyler Bolar to the team.

Comune Proudly Welcomes Bert Wootton

Comune proudly welcomes Bert Wootton to the team with a killer re-edit of his Cosmic Vomit 2 part.

Knowledge Clothing Welcomes Garrett Miller

Knowledge Clothing welcomes Garrett Miller with this ripping edit.

Filmed and Edited by John Marello

Steezy Grip Welcomes Dimitri Rangos

Steezy Grip proudly welcomes Dimitri Rangos to their team.

Vendetta Grip | Ashton Dohany – Welcome Clip

Vendetta Grip proudly welcomes Ashton Dohany to the team with this sick little edit.

Filmed and Edited by Nick Whitney.

Citified Skateboards Welcomes Josh Baker

Citified Skateboards would like to welcome Josh Baker to the team.

Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill.

Alchemy Grip Welcomes John Dilorenzo

Alchemy Grip Welcomes south Florida shredder John Dilorenzo to the team.

Filmed and Edited by Mikey Glover.

Clive Dixon | “Another Push” & Welcome to Ambig

Clive Dixon has been on a serious tear for a while now. David Morefield put together Another Push, which is a  great little documentary that follows Clive through the anxieties of preparing for and skating in the Tampa Am. The documentary also brings you up to date on Clive’s sponsors and how he navigates his way through the skateboarding industry as an amateur skateboarder. Clive’s most recent sponsor Ambig put together a real nice welcome video for him, which you can check out below as well. Enjoy.

Filmed and Edited by David Morefield.

Blooze Skateboards | Pat’s Blooze’s Ribbon

Blooze Skateboards would like to welcome Chi-Town ripper Pat Devine to the team with this rad edit.

Filmed and Edited by G.

I Am Skateboards Welcomes Elijah McNevich

I Am Skateboards would like to welcome Titusville, Florida local ripper Elijah McNevich to the team.

Filmed and Edited by Aaron McNevich

8103 Clothing Welcomes Garrett Miller

8103 Clothing welcomes Garrett Miller to the family with this killer Midtown Skatepark edit.

Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill

Steezy Accessories | Chris Lesh Welcome Video

Steezy Accessories would like to welcome ruler Chris Lesh to the family.

Filmed and Edited by Ben Liberatore.

USS Catalyst Welcomes Zack Gustafson

USS Catalyst in Orlando is proud to welcome local ripper Zack Gustafson to the skate team. Check out Zack’s part from Harryson Thevenin’s new video Can’t Win 2.

Filmed by Harryson Thevenin and David Kahn

Edited by David Kahn

Citified Skateboards Welcomes Derek McLean

Citified Skateboards out of West Palm Beach, Florida is proud to welcome Derek McLean to the team.

Filmed & Edited by Johnathan Flechas

Additional filming by Chris James

#GetSome Welcomes AJ Burnett

#GetSome welcomes central Florida ripper AJ Burnett to the family.

Nick Zizzo on Stacks

Fort Myers, Florida’s own Nick Zizzo is officially on Stacks, check out the proper “Welcome” video. Nick has been a busy dude lately, in addition to his Stacks intro, he has a very entertaining interview over on the Skateboarder Magazine site, clips in the teaser for the upcoming Super Brand video (See Below), and he is also working on a part for the Florida homies Cruizees.

Welcome to 561 | Mike Magalhaes

561 Skateboarding in Stuart, Florida would like to welcome Mike Magalhaes to their team.

Catalyst Welcomes Nick Murphy

USS Catalyst in Orlando would like to welcome Nick Murphy to the team with this ripping “Welcome” video.

Filmed and Edited by Jay Meyer.

MIA Skateshop Welcomes John Baragwanath

MIA Skateshop would like to welcome John Baragwanath to the family with this smooth clip. Also, be sure to spend some time navigating around MIA’s recently updated website.

Filmed & Edited by Mikey Bueso.