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‘Hot Staff’ – Ashton Dohany – Woodward 2013

Ashton Dohany literally shreds anything you put in front of him. That is why he spends time in the summers at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania teaching future shredders.

Demon Seed @ Woodward

Demon Seed Skateboards flow riders Ashton Dohany and Jeff Rasp spent some time at Woodward recently.

“Summer Showdown SK8 Competition” Results and Recap

The whole gig went down crazy-like… we got the idea to throw a skate competition: It was June and the inmates were restless so we figured why not give the local grommets a good way to start off their summer? The UNsponsored skateboarders Summer Showdown Sk8 Competition!!! We already had 4 of our UNsponsored skateboarder complete boards and gear, shirts, trophies, stickers etc. we had planned to give away as prizes. We were surprised by the generosity of the local sk8parks and shops, and the sk8 community as a whole, that donated a ton of sick gear and swag to give away. TransWorld SKATEboarding stepped in and donated 1 year subscriptions to all the winners too.

Then… vitaminwater becomes a sponsor and offers to give away a mad crazy GRAND PRIZE! A 1 WEEK SCHOLARSHIP TO CAMP WOODWARD IN PA, AIRFARE INCLUDED!!! That was a game changer!!! Started bringing skaters in from all over to get a shot at that prize. The showdown started at high noon and it was piss-hot! All the skaters were raw nasty and ripped the course to hell! Luckily, we had three of the sickest judges: skateboarding hall of famer, Chuck Dinkins  –  a former instructor at Camp Woodward, Jason Pierce  –  and a Dgk, hubba wheels, krew/supra flow silver trucks (flow) sponsored rider, Damon Hall. Three super-legit cats that even volunteered their time to do it. The crowd was hyped and ready to skate, vitaminwater ready to rehydrate them all and not a drop of rain in sight. A perfect day for a showdown!We had about 40 skaters and around 150 spectators and the showdowns wound up like this:
10 and under
1. Trevor Bray
2. Marcus Luke
3. Eric Blood
1. Trey Sylvester
2. Saxon Watkins
3. Max Barton

1. Devon Abreu
2. Ty Purdie
3. Roberto Ojeda

19 +
1.Chris Rothrock
2. Jesus Rivera
3. Croix Trosper

The grand prize winner of the 1 week scholarship at Camp Woodward was 13yo Trey Sylvester! He totally ripped the entire park! He was actually tearing up the bowl when his name was announced. One of the only things that could have got him off his board! All his boys grabbed him and lifted him in the air, running around the park chanting his name and he was in awe! It was rad! Probably wont be long before he gets noticed by someone big.

This “company”, UNsponsored skateboarder, started on a whim, just having some fun. My wife, Sommer, and I are both graphic designers, so when I told her I could get some of my own graphics put on some boards AND get them at a decent price, she was totally down. We figured why not?! The wife and I have been digging the sk8 scene since we were kids and to be part of it again is great. Just wanted to say THANKS a million to everyone involved in my lil pipe dream! It wouldn’t have been as successful without the amazing donations by everyone. Definitely made the event legit. – Pete “Rock” Coffin

Check out all of the photos here.